Meet Kay Moye

Trailblazing Author Kay Moye Puts The Battery To The Back Of Women Across the Globe!

Author Kay Moye's debut book, She Is Me Unbroken is the foundation all women need to find love within themselves, and life after. Since its release, Kay has been invited to speak on several platforms. This has afforded her the opportunity to attend events and reach her audience like no other. Given so, she soon realized there was an intricate piece missing to the puzzle. This piece birthed, "Boss Up! Academy." Unlike others, Moye teaches the first rule to business is SELF LOVE! As she believes, there is a distinct connection between the value of a woman's self worth & bank account.  Moye projects, once a woman loves herself, there is nothing she can't do in love & business! She encourages women alike to use their pain as power to overcome life and love. 

Moye advises women to use every trial and pain as a sign of strength. As she states, "Your crown is your warfare and every jewel on it represents a troop. A soldier at war. A soldier of life. A soldier of love!"