Meet Kay Moye

Kay Moye is the self-proclaimed, “Self-Help Homegirl.” This self-help maven and public speaker ultimately wrote her way out of darkness. With very few relatable self-help books geared towards the urban demographics, her new book, "She Is Me Unbroken" puts her in a category of her own. As a young woman from Upstate New York, Kay uses the “girl around the way” approach to assist young women alike in utilizing their pain as power to overcome life & love. This approach works in her favor as she's managed to grind through some pretty tough courses at the "School of Life." Given this, not only does she understand, but she's walked in the same shoes as many young ladies.  Essentially her goal was to reach young women who needed it most— the girls like her. But soon, she'd realize many were interested in her teachings of Real Lesson, Real Life, Real Talk. Doing so has afforded her the opportunity to speak at inner city high schools, vocational schools and a slew of women’s organizations. Her natural love for helping others and personal struggles transpires hope to young women most have counted out.

Now residing in Atlanta, Ga., Kay has most recently, penned her very first book, She Is Me Unbroken. Using her very own life as a living testimony, Kay shares with readers the battles of her quest to true womanhood. This self-help sensation has already captured the attention of many media outlets. Recently, she created a blog titled "Make Me Over Monday." The blog focuses on real life topics in which she encourages women to be more than a pretty face. As she would say, "Don't be a pretty girl with no purpose. Her pretty has no power!"

When asked about her message, she states,  "I was always searching for my position;  My place in this world.  When you're young, it's scary. You really don't know who you are. You're trying to find yourself and love at the same time. Not realizing the two can't co-exsist. Not if you truly haven't found yourself. You'll stray further away. You'll lose yourself!"  She says. Having lost herself, she's successfully managed to write her way out of the dark. She now encourages young women alike to utilize their PAIN as POWER to overcome Life & Love! As the book continues to gain popularity amongst the urban demographic, Kay is being booked for speaking engagements & seminar panels. As of now, she's back to writing! Up Next... FILM!

After reading "Year of Yes" by television producer & screenwriter Shonda Rhimes, Kay has decided this year she would finally say "YES!" In doing so, Kay has written an original series titled, "Unbroken Ties."  The webisode is scheduled to begin filming Fall  2017. The first season will consists of eight episodes, each 30 mins long and channel the growing pains of womanhood. Produced under her own production company "Lioness Films," Kay is excited about this new project, citing it as a "game-changer." When asked, about the content of her writing, Kay replies, "Being a woman is a tough battle. Being a black woman is a war! I just want to inspire. I want some young girl to look at me and say, I am because she was." she concludes. 

As the name Kay Moye seems to ring quite affluently, this writer on the rise leaves us with one final message. "I just want to inspire woman across the globe. Be you. Find you. Love you. Protect you. You are all you have! It's okay to be broken, but it's not okay to be broke!"