Make Me Over Monday (Introduction)

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Monday, July 24, 2017


Make Me Over Monday is a Vlog created by Kay Moye in an effort to focus inward as opposed to outward. Kay's witty personality and "homegirl" persona makes it easy to accept lessons on life  & love. Each week focuses on a different segment of the book. 

The blog was created to help readers digest content, as well as to create a conversational piece amongst viewers. These video blogs are posted EXCLUSIVELY on SHEISKAYMOYE.COM and subscribers are the first to receive news articles, promo codes and discounts on selected items. 

This week we focus on CHAPTER 1 - UNAWARE

"Find the root to your problem and pull it up!
No longer is being Unaware an excuse to abuse your power. At some point, it stops becoming irresponsible and begins to become insane. No one and nothing deserves to have power over you. Guard your power with your life and never allow fear to overtake you!
Awaken and become aware--
Aware of what you have. Aware of what you need. Aware of what you want. Aware of what you deserve." 
She Is Me Unbroken (Page 28)


Watch the clip below!



Don't forget to purchase an autographed copy of "She Is Me Unbroken."  Use Promo code "MakeOver" to receive a special discount at checkout! 

See you next week! Until then, drop a comment below!




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  • KAlyn on

    Yasssssssss!!!! I love this segment already

  • Nicole on

    I’ve been following u for a while. I just wanted to say I really enjoy what you’re doing. Plan to get ur book this week!! Hopefully ?. I really need it!!!!!!!!!!

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